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Fractopian Fiction tells human-condition stories that happen to take place in a near-future world, extrapolating from current trends and technological developments to create realistic images of what life in the developed nations might be like just a few generations down the road. Its worldview is ontologically conservative, involving neither the singularity nor the apocalypse. It represents neither a utopia nor a dystopia, but may include aspects of both.

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Fractopian Fiction:

CitySys Health Irreg 66/003y: Smackdown at HoloFeast

by Jens Durke

I just wanted to start with saying that her foot in his face surprised me as much as it did him. She must have jumped a bit, which made it all the more impressive, to be honest. It escalated so quickly it was a full-out brawl by the time I could make a stupid face, open-mouthed, one finger wavering questioning in the air and all the regalia you’d imagine. But I’m getting ahead of myself. This started as a normal day at the job. We were somewhere over the Kaishi Industrial Complex, right where it rubs shoulders with the Bosing slums and the Sunridge sprawl, and Jeremy was telling stories…

Fractopian Fiction:

Toichi’s Dream is Finally Finished

by Tiffany Reynolds

Toichi’s Dream is Finally Finished

by Joliet Shiften, Union City News
September 21, 2111

As many readers know, over the past several years this reporter has written many articles on the building of the Ashvin Arcology. Some time tomorrow, the last printing of the superstructure will be finished. Designed thirty years ago by Toichi Sandburg, grandson of the great Japanese architect and engineer, Tokanece, this 2km by 1km tower covers twice the floor space of Tokanece’s dream "Tokyo Sky."

Podcast Episode:

Episode 7: Interview with Lauren Teffeau

A conversation with Lauren Teffeau, author of the recently-released near-future science fiction novel "Implanted." Topics covered include digital convergence, neural implant technology, online privacy, climate change, the law of digital recency, and the future of capitalism. Includes an excerpt from "Implanted," and occasional interjections by my attention-seeking cats.