Fractopian Fiction

by Tod Foley

FOODIEMARTTM says: Welcome, New Citizen! Stop by one of our local FoodieMart outlets for a free Lunch Kit! Did you know that FoodieMart features the world's most advanced SmartShopping system? Signal MORE for more info!

The FoodieMart SmartShoppingTM system maintains your purchasing profile while you shop, and makes suggestions based on your unique shopping history--it's what makes you you! The system can even connect to your IoT devices or Home Assistant...

An excerpt from "Surrounded by Dolphins" by Adrian McCauley, read by Tod Foley, with music by David Szesztay. The next episode of Fractopia is about The Future of Food.

by Jens Durke

"I didn't say people want to smell corpses all the time, but every once in a while it's healthy, and there are folks out there paying good credits for experiences like that. It's really off the charts with augmentation apps and, believe me, there's shit to smell in virtual realities no real nose could comprehend. Bestselling shit, no less. It's called ‘benign masochism.' Look it up, Karyn."

Jeremy doing his thing again, spamming me with semi-useful knowledge to kill some time on our way to a job. It would get dark when he was in a bad mood, like...

by Tod Foley

Bots swish quietly up and down the sterile halls of the New Citizen In-Processing Office. As a newly-approved immigrant to Union City you've been scanned, digitized, analyzed and treated to a wide range of innoculants via an injection of nanobots now swarming around within your bloodstream. You've never felt healthier in your life.

Any pressing medical concerns such as communicative diseases or bodily harm have been dealt with, and you're ready to receive your Personal Identification Device, which will tie your NIN (your Node Identification Number...

by Levi Kornelsen

I'm here with Jason Wright, the leader of the Federalist party. Jason, your new book is titled “The Evitable City,” which I and no small number of my readers find a little baffling. Could you start with that?

Happy to, Mrs. Ruis.

Oh, call me Maria, please.

Why, thank you, Maria. The title is a play on the idea that our modern city-centric view of politics isn't the state of affairs one might expect from history. We treat the constantly growing power of cities as...

by Jens Durke

6:00 am.

You know you have a hard day ahead of you when they shoot at you on your way in. We were on the outskirts of Cerillis, right near the border of the Kaishi industrial complex, and the constant plong noises of the bullets ricocheting off the car were starting to get on my nerves. Jeremy was a bit edgy, he didn‘t believe in the protection our staff hovercar offered.

“There! I can see one! Those fuckers...” Jeremy, his face pressed against the window to get a better view for his private stream, pointed to a nearby roof below...

by Adrian McCauley

Her apartment complex, as with much of this part of Midoru, was owned by Nutrex. A tall plascrete tower underlit by green lights, advertisements for NBP scrolled around the building. Bespoke elements within the adverts quickly updated, and soon the entire building seemed to be speaking directly to Nerita.

The walls in the corridor were also one large, rotating advertisement for NBP. “Invest in Nutrex. Grow your future with us.” It looped scenes from the algae farms, showing workers smiling while maintaining the bioreactors, administrators...

by Tod Foley

You wake up to the soothing sounds of your favorite musical style, dynamically intermixed with news of local events and upbeat motivational messages culled from your online searches and interests. Your virtual agent has prepared a to-do list for your day, which hovers in mid-air across the room. As your eyes adjust to the slowly-dawning ambient lighting of your home environment system, your agent reminds you of the interview you've scheduled for today: a low-demand AI training gig for which you were automatically selected based on your reputation score...