Scenes from the Fractopian Future

by Tod Foley

FOODIEMARTTM says: Welcome, New Citizen! Stop by one of our local FoodieMart outlets for a free Lunch Kit! Did you know that FoodieMart features the world's most advanced SmartShopping system? Signal MORE for more info!

The FoodieMart SmartShoppingTM system maintains your purchasing profile while you shop, and makes suggestions based on your unique shopping history--it's what makes you you! The system can even connect to your IoT devices or Home Assistant to check your current inventory levels, so you never run out of the things you love and need: the FoodieMart App displays your inventory in realtime! And that's not all: it also suggests related products, current in-store or drone-delivery promotions, and special items for those upcoming holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, even anticipated weather conditions!

NO HANDS! NO COMMANDS! The SmartShopping app fires up as soon as you enter the store, feeding your shopping list to your PDA or displaying it in your personal AR device, guiding you to your required items and making suggestions along the way! Signal at any product in the store to get more information, including product origin, expiry date, ingredients, and nutritional data. Pull up a list of similar products from other FoodieMart partner brands, and set your ranking preferences to help you make your purchasing decision: sort by price, ratings, ingredients, food allergies, and more!

Whenever you're in a FoodieMart store, you'll receive personalized ads from the SmartShopping system. Since it knows you so well, you'll never miss the perfect purchasing opportunity! SIGNAL TO SIGN UP NOW!

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CIVSEC CITIZEN SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The Union City Council has just updated the CitizenReporter system, allowing citizens to report local incidents anonymously, using their devices and PDAs--and now even anonymous tipsters can earn Citizen Points while helping to keep the city safe! All reports are analyzed by CitySystem in realtime, triggering immediate and appropriate action. Witness a cabjacking? Notice someone trying to break into a property nearby? Report the incident to CitizenReporter, and raise your Citizen Score!

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DEVICELINK NEW TENANT GUIDE says: Thank you for activating your new Home DeviceLink, providing complete control over your personal living space. After indicating your preferences, you can count on me to handle switching lights and maintaining your preferred climate conditions as you go about your busy day. I'll also take charge of all your in-home systems whether you're home or away, managing their cooperation to make sure your comfort levels remain high. I'll recognize you at the front door when you come home, and organize your food processing and service units to prepare your meals, by request. I'll even help moderate your overall energy consumption as shown here, to meet your needs while selling excess energy back to the grid--a big win for everyone!

# # #

VISANDVERS.ZINE. Psychologists are reporting an alarming rise in the rate of pseudologia cybernetica; a set of emotional conditions in which people deliberately lie to their AI devices. Sandii Saalud has more.

S.S.: Yes V.V., some do it because they enjoy being corrected by their AI assistants, while others seem to derive a sense of satisfaction by confusing them. Now doctors are saying the real attraction seems to have something to do with projected undertones of power play and sexual tension...

Author Info

Tod Foley is a writer, editor and game designer; founder of As If Productions, curator of the UbiquiCity series and creator of the DayTrippers and CyberSpace roleplaying games. He's also the host of the Fractopia podcast. More info at

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