Toichi’s Dream is Finally Finished

by Tiffany Reynolds

Toichi’s Dream is Finally Finished

by Joliet Shiften, Union City News
September 21, 2111

As many readers know, over the past several years this reporter has written many articles on the building of the Ashvin Arcology. Some time tomorrow, the last printing of the superstructure will be finished. Designed thirty years ago by Toichi Sandburg, grandson of the great Japanese architect and engineer, Tokanece, this 2km by 1km tower covers twice the floor space of Tokanece’s dream "Tokyo Sky."

Possessing five grad tiers and over 15 square kilometers of space, the tower holds nearly 20,000 workers and their families, totaling something close to 80,000 corporate citizens. Ashvin was the first arcology proposed under corporate charter after the initial Union City transportation network was laid down. Toichi Sandburg argued that the new city gave him the space and technology to build bigger than his grandfather had ever dreamed.

"I grew up traveling to Tokyo and seeing my grandfather's great works. I walked around the architecture archives of Tokanece Industries and studied their dream plans, 3D CADS, AR and VR spaces. I visited Tokyo Sky and the many domes they built across Japan. With Tokanece industries splintering, I took my share and rushed to Union City to make these dreams into realities. Here, space and technology came together to create the dreams of my childhood." - Toichi Sandburg, 2108

Sandbug, like Tokanece, never got to see his dream come true. Numerous setbacks including technology failures, cost overruns, and the Great Recession that nearly destroyed Ashvin Corporation lead to delays and - some say - was a contributing factor to Sandburg’s final heart attack.

Presenting as his famous horse-headed humanoid avatar, Ashvin CEO Torada Arjunwal lamented the loss of the renowned developer: "Yes, losing our friend slowed the project, but Ashvin tower will be completed today in his honor. By unanimous agreement of the board, we at Ashvin have named the primary tier "Toichi Gardens" in remembrance and respect. Culminating the tower's completion today, the opening ceremony will be held beside his tomb, located deep in those gardens. And from our new corporate city, Ashvin will dominate the global sensor market!"

Over the last two decades we have all grown accustomed to the construction projects of Ashvin and other corporate arcologies, with their giant extruders and spider construction bots, building these structures 24/7. Besides the Toichi gardens, Ashvin Tower includes five tiers of multi-story buildings, factories, farms and gardens, all nestled within four progressively-narrowing support structures of twisting steel. The top tier is crowned by a Tokanece dome, and features a concave satellite dish roof.

Today, with the completion of the Ashvin Arcology, we can see Ubi City reaching proudly toward the dreams and ideals of the initial charter corporations and stakeholders. Will we, the present citizens of this dream city, be worthy of those dreamers? Better still: Will the city allow us to complete even grander dreams?

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Tiffany Reynolds is a researcher, writer and gamer who's working to bring all three together with a gaming company called Chromatic Chameleon Publishing, publishers of the RPG players' guide The Other Side of the Table. Reynolds' previous work includes the short story "Real Life Action Hero" from the first UbiquiCity anthology, various articles on competitive intelligence and cultural landscapes for scholarly publications, and assorted articles on gaming for Polymancer magazine. More info at the Chromatic Chameleon website.

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