Fractopia Runs on Donations

I hope you get as much joy from Fractopia podcast episodes and posts as I do creating them. I put a lot of time and effort into every single one!

The Fractopia Project runs on your love and support. Your emails and comments brighten my day. And your contributions – no matter what size – keep this labor of love alive. Here are a few ways to contribute to the Fractopia project:

$1 per month donation

$3 per month donation

$10 per month donation

$20 per month donation

one-time donation

If you like Fractopia and you’d like to support my work, donations mean the world to me. And if donating isn’t in your budget right now, sharing my URL with your friends is also a great way to support what I do!

No matter how you decide to support Fractopia, I thank you. It all helps me so much to keep doing what I do!

– Tod Foley

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